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I have been presented with this rare opportunity of going through my photographic archives whilst in our "Covid 19 lockdown" and it sure has made me even more appreciative of the life that I have been blessed with and all the experiences I have had the privilege of being a part of. My love of capturing a moment in time started over 20 years ago from animals and humans in all shapes and sizes in places on the planet in all shapes and sizes. I've been contemplating what the heck do I do with all of these moments ?? Well, this image below of a really cute squirrel named 'Blitz' caught my eye and inspired me to start sharing them... and being "Earth Day" (a worldwide appreciation of our special planet - although everyday is Earth day for me) I thought there was no better day than to start with my special 'Earth' moments.. in all shapes and sizes.... so introducing 'Blitz', a very cute and very special tree squirrel who was hand-raised 'as my son' when we lived on a reserve in Zimbabwe ... as anyone who has ever raised one of these little guys will know how deeply they burrow into your heart... remembering Blitz and thanking him for inspiring me as to why I love this planet so much and why we need to keep fighting for its survival....

#EarthDay2020 #taztpot #earthmoments

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