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I will be sharing with you some of the incredible characters I’ve had the opportunity to take portraits of. A portrait is something I consider special and intimate between subject and photographer, a moment to try and capture an essence of the subject.. not only specific to humans I do consider this to be worthy of all forms of nature, no discrimination no matter their size or species, I must admit that I do have a special fondness for the little guys though. This week I will be introducing a few from my collection of portraits of “Many legged mandibled miniscules” that I’ve met throughout my journeys in Africa. Today, meet Gloria (Glory in Latin), who let me take her portrait whilst posing on a wooden railing she had fallen onto slap bang out of a tree right in front of me… she posed and walked the catwalk giving me the opportunity of catching her in all her glory 😊 … whilst thinking of a name for her (?) the 80’s song “Gloria” started playing in my head - must be subconsciously from all these 80’s exercise videos I keep coming across lately online since our Covid19 lockdown or maybe it’s inspired by her 80’s hair ….

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