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Squirrel nesting with toilet paper...

A few days ago I was inspired by a very special handraised squirrel called Blitz who I shared an image of whilst delving deep through my archival photos and footage of special “earth moments” … the ones that I have had the privilege of experiencing ….. I also came across this footage taken nearly 10 years ago when we were living on a wildlife sanctuary from a little household handheld cam that I used to film little things that needed filming quickly with – (after a bit of editing) meet Digit – another handraised squirrel who was also part of my family. Squirrels love making nests and this little guy used to love shredding toilet paper off the roll that was still attached to the holder in the bathroom and would then haul it to his latest nesting spot (which was often in our lounge on our couch/sofa), we always had to be very weary when sitting down so that we didn’t squash the little guy as he could have been curled up somewhere. Digit was also often enticed with scraps of fabric that my daughter Savannah had cut up for him so that his nest could be lined with a luxurious soft satin finish.

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